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Welcome: Anniversary of the death of Mozart

5. 12. 2006

Dear brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of music,

I would like to welcome you all in our Cathedral at this Requiem Mass that we are going to offer together for the good of the soul of the genius of the classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the framework of the year when we commemorate the two hundred fifty years from his birth. I would like to welcome here His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio, and also Your Excellencies, Ambassadors and other representatives of many countries such as Germany, France, Greece, Brasil, Mexico and many others. In a special way I would like to welcome Mrs. the Ambassador of Austria, the homeland  of the Great Master.

Our prayers today will be supported by the beauty of Requiem mass composed by the Master himself towards the end of his earthly life. From the age of five till the age of thirty five he had composed six hundred fifty works and travelled most of the countries of Europe. Especially he felt accepted in the city of Prague. The legend goes that he used to say: „The people of Prague understand me“. When the news of his death on this very day two hundred fifteen years ago in Vienna reached Prague, the bells were ringing for as long as half an hour and three thousand people gathered in the Saint Nicolas Church to pray for his soul. Let us give thanks today to the Almighty God for the beauty he has given us through him and let us offer our prayers and petitions to God that he would reach the same final eternal happiness as we all long to once enjoy. Please, let us concentrate not only on the beautiful music but also for the liturgy and prayer.


Welcome by the Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, Archbishop of Prague at the occasion of 215th anniversary of the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Prague Cathedral 5th December 2006



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